Shared daTabase for Optronic Image Recognition and Evaluation

Project Overview


Faced with the emergence of new threats and their constant evolution (hypersonic missiles, combat drones, swarms of drones, …), Forces have an increasing need for AI-based image recognition systems to fasten decision-making, enhance situation awareness, responsiveness, and survivability. The complexity of the development of such systems is linked to the lack of representative defence images, associated tools and infrastructure to share them properly between the countries. To ensure autonomy and sovereignty, the European industry needs to work collectively to build a database populated with military threats, which will allow for developing, training, and testing AI based image recognition systems.

What is STORE?

STORE (Shared daTabase for Optronic Image Recognition and Evaluation) project lays the foundations for Europe’s first shared, scalable database of defence imagery and explores different threat detection algorithm solutions. In particular, it will address issues of data governance and the cost-effective development of sovereign technologies.

STORE achievements will help setting-up future functionalities related to increased situational awareness for the European forces and supporting Man Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) operations where Automatic Target Detection and Recognition (ATD/R), tracking and semantic understanding in complex situations are required. STORE will offer short and medium-term keys to detect and recognize new threats and to counter their evolution. Three use cases built around various threat types are addressed by STORE :

  • Battle tanks & Infantry Vehicles
  • Drone & Drones swarm
  • Hypersonic threats
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