Shared daTabase for Optronic Image Recognition and Evaluation

Aim of STORE
Bring together 21 partners from 9 countries to build a shared database and develop key AI technologies for optronic systems.
STORE will offer short and medium-term keys to detect and recognize new threats namely Battle tanks & Infantry Vehicles , Drone & Drones swarm and Hypersonic threats.
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About US

Faced with the emergence of new threats and their constant evolution (hypersonic missiles, combat drones, swarms of drones, …), optronic sensors have never been of such importance for combat forces, requiring an exceptional level of performance.

This is the whole challenge of the STORE collaborative project initiated by the EDF: build a sustainable, shared, scalable database addressing the evolution of threats in diverse terrestrial environments and develop high-performance AI-based image recognition capabilities. Thanks to optronics associated with artificial intelligence analysis techniques, the combatant will benefit from advantageous and valuable assistance for the perception of his environment. These intelligent and secure optronic solutions will contribute to: improving awareness of the tactical situation, shortening decision-making processes, accelerating combatants’ reactivity and, ultimately, their survivability.

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The STORE project was present at Eurosatory 2024 from 17th...


8 EU Countries + Norway


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